Universal Fan Checklist
Posted by Patrick Muschamp on 11 06 2014 04:11 PM

This article was created to assist customers with choosing electrical fan(s) for their vehicle which Mishimoto does not directly support.  If a customer wishes to fit Mishimoto Fans into a vehicle that we do not make products for, Mishimoto suggests following the below guide. When using a product not specifically meant for the customer's vehicle, modification may be unavoidable.


Products: Electrical Fans (Automotive / Diesel / Powersports)


Installation guide for a Mishimoto Universal Electric Fan using the Mishimoto Universal Electric Fan Mounting Kit.


Step 1 - Size / CFM.  Mishimoto suggests measuring the core of the radiator to determine which fan(s) the customer should purchase.  If the customer is purchasing a fan with the intention of using a Mishimoto Universal Mounting Kit, we suggest covering as much of the core with fans as possible. For example, if the radiator core measures 28" x 25", we would suggest (2) 12" Mishimoto fans.  Anything larger will not fit and possibly extend over the core's edge.  CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. It describes a volumetric flow of a substance. In the case of a fan, it indicates how much air it can move per minute.  Unfortunately, Mishimoto does not have CFM ratings for stock fans. If the customer purchases a set fans designed to pull 2000CFM, but the vehicle requires more, the customer may experience cooling issues at low speeds or at idle.


Step 2 - Wiring / Activation.  Mishimoto created a guide to assist the customer with wiring located here. The customer can either use the stock wiring, or wire the fan(s) in themselves.   If the customer chooses to wire the Mishimoto fan(s) into the stock harness, the fans will most likely be controlled by a switch that monitors the coolant temperature. Customers can also choose to wire the fans to a switch for manual control, or puchase a Mishimoto Adjustable Fan Controller Kit.  Some customers prefer the fans to turn on with the engine and continue to run at all times by tapping directly into an ignition power source.


Step 3 - Mounting.  If the customer does not wish to use Mishimoto Universal Electric Fan Mounting Kit, this is where modifications may be necessary.  We have seen customers create brackets that extend from a fan shroud mounting point on the radiator to the Mishimoto Fan. Other customers create a shroud for the fan. See attachments for examples of fan mounting.



1. Fan mounted onto radiator using a Mishimoto Universal Electric Fan Mounting Kit.

2. Fan mounted using custom brackets.

3. Fan mounted using a shroud.

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