Posted by Patrick Muschamp on 11 21 2014 01:48 PM

Model number: MMTUNER-ECUTEK-01


SKUs affected: MMTUNER-ECUTEK-01


Common Installation Questions:

1. Can the ECU be flashed back to the factory map/tune?

2. Does the tune alter the rev-limiter?

3. Does the tune alter boost levels?

4. As I add Mishimoto performance parts to my car, how do I download the new tunes that are made to go with them?

5. Can the EcuTek tuning module store custom maps/tunes?


1. Yes, you can revert the tune at any time. At the customer’s request, we can send the stock tune. It is not preinstalled on the tuning device.

2. No, the factory rev-limiter is retained.

3. The tunes that Mishimoto provides follow stock boost numbers, although we do remove the boost spike (which is present in the stock tune). We do not raise boost from the stock map at any point.

4. The Mishimoto parts that have tunes available come with a special code. This code verifies the part, and allows us to send the tune files to the customer.

5. Of course! If you don’t want to use the Mishimoto preset tunes, an EcuTek Master Tuner is able to write a custom map based on your specific setup.

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