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Model number: MMDP-WRX-15

Installation Guide




Common Installation Questions:

1. What are available options for tuning?

2. What combination of boost pills should be used?

3. The Mishimoto downpipe doesn't mate with the stock/OEM cat back exhaust. Is an adaptor necessary?

4. What's that rattling noise under my car?



1. Tuning is required when installing a downpipe onto the 2015 Subaru WRX. For customers purchasing the catted down pipe, Mishimoto will be able to supply a tune that can be used on the ECUtek system. If the customer purchases the catless downpipe, they would be required to source a tuner who is able to support this.  Unfortunately, Mishimoto will not be able to support the catless down pipe for this vehicle.

2. *For catted down pipe customers only* If the customer received boost "pills" from Mishimoto along with the down pipe, please do not use these. The customer should not replace the OEM boost pills unless the tuner they are using has the ability to make custom tunes. Unfortunately, Mishimoto will not be able to support the catless down pipe for this vehicle.

Mishimoto recommends removing only one OEM boost pill.  Please refer to the attached image (#1).  The boost pill circled in green should be kept in place. The boost pill circled in red will need to be removed.  If the incorrect boost pill is removed, the customer will experience a power loss and boost pressure will drop considerably. If the customer has any questions, please contact Customer Service at

3. Good news!  Mishimoto offers an adaptor to eliminate any exhaust leaks. Please click here to be taken to the product page.  Refer to the attached image (#2).

4. Most times, the customer or shop technician did not install the Mishimoto shallow head bolts for the subframe. This is outlined in Step 2.1 on the Mishimoto installation guide linked above. For additional help, please reference the attached image (#3).



1. Proper boost pill orientation for customers installing a Mishimoto catted downpipe.

2. Adaptor for Mishimoto downpipe to stock/OEM cat back exhaust.

3. Proper location for Mishimoto supplied shallow head bolts for subframe

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