Oil Cooler Checklist (Universal)
Posted by Patrick Muschamp on 02 10 2015 03:40 PM

This article was created to assist customers with choosing an oil cooler for their vehicle which Mishimoto does not directly support.  If a customer wishes to fit a Mishimoto Oil Cooler kit into a vehicle that we do not make products for, Mishimoto suggests following the below guide. When using a product not specifically meant for the customer's vehicle, modification may be unavoidable.


Products: Oil coolers; Oil cooler kits (Automotive / Diesel)


Step 1 - Oil filter/Sandwich plate. There are a few different oil filter setups. Canister or drop in style.  The universal Mishimoto Oil Cooler kit will fit with the canister style only.

Canister - These thread onto a male port usually behind or under the engine. Spin off the used filter and thread onto the new filter when completing an oil change.

Drop in - These filters simply drop into a plastic (*or metal) housing attached to the engine.

Next, the customer will need to confirm the thread pitch of the canister filter to determine what adaptor is needed. Mishimoto currently offers sandwich plates and adaptors for the following thread pitches:

-M20 x 1.5


-M22 x 1.5


Step 2 - Bumper/Oil cooler. With the bumper still on the vehicle, raise the vehicle in the air and take a look at the available space behind the bumper.  Will the plastic bumper cover need to be modified when fitting the cooler? Additionally, Mishimoto suggests keeping the metal bumper beam in mind as some customers are forced to modify this piece as well. Mishimoto does not recommend deleting the metal bumper beam. Many newer cars come with additional coolers from the factory. Mishimoto suggests that customers keep these in mind when determining which Mishimoto Universal Oil Cooler is suitable for their application. Mishimoto does not suggest deleting these coolers.

Will the additional coolers prevent the cooler from being mounted properly?


Step 3 - Lines. Mishimoto suggests looking at how the lines can be routed to confirm nothing will be in the way. Mishimoto offers an Oil Line Stay in order to assist the customer with routing the lines together.

Does the vehicle come with fog lights embedded within the plastic bumper cover?

Does the plastic bumper cover have any sensors, or additional wiring running through it?

Will any additional coolers/parts prevent the lines from accessing the oil cooler?

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