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Model number: MMFAN-CNTL-U*****





Common Installation Questions:

1. Am I able to run 2 high amperage fans off one fan controller?

2. I already have a Mishimoto In-Line Water Temperature Sensor Adapter hooked up to my 1 fan. Would I be able to run a 2nd fan controller connected to the same sensor to power both fans?

3. What is the difference between the NPT and probe?

4. My fans are working when hooked up to direct power, however, the fan controller will not turn it on, what do I do?

5. Can this controller be set up for dual speed operation?

6. Am I required to use the green wire?

7. When I adjust the temperature, which way sets the temperature up?

8. How will I know what temperature my fan controller is set at?

9. What does A/c override mean?

10. What if I do not have a radio to hook the yellow wire to? Can't I just hook this up to my battery?

11. What is that black "gunk" on the controller's connections? Is this melting?




1. This unit is designed to control up to two electric fans with a combined maximum draw of 25 continuous amps. If fans exceed 25 amps combined, we recommend installing one controller per electric fan.

2. Yes, the customer could splice the second sensor into the first one to power both fans. This circuit is a low voltage circuit, so it should be okay.

3. The NPT option is 1/8" NPT sensor that is designed to be screwed into a Mishimoto In-Line Water Temperature Sensor Adapter or a welded bung on the radiator. The probe is designed to be pushed into the radiator fins. From our testing, the response time and temperature accuracy of the two options are identical.

4. If the fan has not turned on with the Mishimoto kit, take a screwdriver and turn the adjustment screw counterclockwise in small increments until the fan starts.

5. Unfortunately, no. The control module is designed for 1 speed operation.

6. The green wire is designed to work in two different configurations. When used, this will allow the fan(s) to be turned on regardless of the temperature of the coolant. This will override all other functions and keep the fan(s) running. If you choose to not use this option, cut any exposed copper and tape or shrink wrap the end of the wire.

7. Clockwise to raise the temperature; counterclockwise to lower the activation temperature.

8. By using an OBD scan tool, tuning software, temperature gun, or digital temperature gauge. The Mishimoto controller does not have specific temperature markings on it.

9. A/c override will turn the fan(s) on regardless of the temperature when you turn on the A/c in the car. Using the blue wire tap provided, attach the green wire to the positive lead on the air conditioning compressor.

10. If the yellow wire is connected to a constant power source (battery), the electric fan will run after the vehicle is shut off and could run down the battery.

11. All controllers have this silicone grease. It is to protect and improve the electrical connection. This is not the internals of the controller kit melting.



1. Written installation guide

 mmfan-cntl-u install guide.pdf (469.44 KB)
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