Posted by John Petty on 02 06 2018 04:33 PM

Model Number: MMINT-RAM-10MMINT-RAM-10K


Common Installation Questions:

1. Is there an install video or written guide available? 

2. Where do I relocate the power steering cooler on my H.O. (High Output) model? 

3. Do I have to discharge the A/C?



1. Installation is mostly straight forward, like the stock intercooler. We shot an install video, but the content was lost and a video was never created. 

2. We learned about the H.O. power steering cooler after we brought the product to market. We don't have specific information regarding where it needs to be relocated. The VIO for HO models is a small percentage and we haven't been able to bring one into the shop to inspect. 

3. It's possible to swing the A/C cooler up and to the left, out of the way. Ideally, it's best to have a repair shop properly evacuate the A/C. 

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