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Model number: MMRAD-INT-94


SKUs affected: MMRAD-INT-94; MMRAD-INT-94X; MMFS-INT-94


Common Installation Questions:

1. Mishimoto fans will touch exhaust manifold (MMRAD-INT-94)

2. Mishimoto fans will not clear exhaust manifold (MMRAD-INT-94X)

3. OEM fans will not clear exhaust manifold (MMRAD-INT-94 and MMRAD-INT-94X)

Note - This problem is more apparent when an aftermarket exhaust manifold is installed.

4. Mishimoto radiator is too small for application. (MMRAD-INT-94)



1. Unfortunately, there is no solution for this. Mishimoto items were designed with OEM and other Mishimoto items in mind. With our 2 row radiator (MMRAD-INT-94), the fans on the MMFS-INT-94 will touch the OEM manifold and/or heat shield. This will not affect the fans or radiator in a negative way. See attached picture for reference.


2. Unfortunately, there is no solution for this. The X line (MMRAD-INT-94X) radiator was designed for racing applications. Fams on the MMFS-INT-94 will not clear a stock/OEM or aftermarket exhaust manifold.  The customer is required to mount fans onto the front of the radiator and wire them as pushers. Information on how to wire fans as pushers can be found using the below link: Fan Wiring (Universal)


3. Unfortunately, there is no solution for this. Due to lack of clearance in the Integra's engine bay, the customer is forced to purchase and installed electrical fans. The customer is able to use MMFS-INT-94 if using MMRAD-INT-94 (2 row radiator). If the customer is using our X line, 3 row radiator (MMRAD-INT-94X), universal 12" fans are suggested. (Model number: MMFAN-12)


4. If you have a radiator which is too small for your chassis and fans, please contact Customer directly by emailing

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